WITC Name Change & Rebranding

Northwood Technical College logo


Vision & Goal for Rebranding

To select a modern name and mascot that creates broader, long-term brand recognition and appeal within the diverse populations and stakeholders seeking technical college services. 

Blaze the Bear mascot

New Mascot: Blaze the Bear

Changes Effective August 2021


Rationale for Rebranding

WITC is a nationally top-ranked college with four campuses throughout northwest Wisconsin. As part of its strategic planning process, the College regularly conducts brand and perception research.

In early 2020, WITC hired CLARUS Corporation to conduct a large market research project that, in part, focused on WITC's brand, perception of the college, and the name. CLARUS reached out to residents, both within WITC's district and nearby; alumni; community influencers; current students and employees. 

Results showed "Indianhead" is not recognized correctly as a geographic region, especially among younger stakeholders and those outside the district. The current name, "Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College," and its short initials, "WITC," caused confusion on what type of college WITC is and whether it's even a college.


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