The five phases of the WITC name change project

Current Phase

Choosing a new name





How will the College Choose a New Name?

WITC will solicit name and mascot ideas from staff, students and stakeholders. 


New name/mascot desired characteristics:

  • Easy to understand and pronounce
  • Potential to be branded in a “short” way (i.e. Western, Mid-State, Madison College)
  • Appeal to those from outside the District (not geographically bound)
  • Reasonable and sustainable given the mission and vision of the college
  • Reflect WITC’s heritage in some way
  • Vetted for alternative meanings, acronyms, legality, globally appropriate, etc.
  • “Technical College” must remain in formal name

Deadline to submit suggestions: Nov. 6, 2020

Image that says Your Opinion Matters


How much will this Cost? 

The College has been carefully planning to absorb the costs into normal budgeted expenses as much as possible on both an annual basis (such as buying paper product that is ordered regularly) and in existing planned capital projects to replace items such as external building signage. Once the College implementation teams do a more thorough audit of what needs to be swapped out in each department, more final numbers can be established. Staff will be asked to be conservative on ordering products to save on costs, where possible.


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