Perry Dunlap

Distinguished Alumni
Rice Lake

Perry is a 2003 graduate of the Construction and Cabinetmaking program at WITC-Rice Lake. He currently serves as the General Superintendent for Hoeft Builders where he manages 8 carpenters, 12 superintendents and helps oversee the progress of $60 million in construction projects annually. While attending WITC, Perry was part of the group that built the first house project in Roux park. He has also worked part-time as an Assistant Instructor at WITC where he helped with instruction for the Construction and Cabinetmaking house project.

Perry's position at Hoeft Builders has allowed him to serve his community through numerous projects working with organizations such as the Children's Museum of Eau Claire and the Boys and Girls Club. He currently employs two WITC grads and seeks out fellow alumni when an increase in work force is needed.


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