Scholarships & Financial Support

Scholarship recipient and donors standing in front of the WITC Foundation sign at the Superior Scholarship Reception.

Wondering who should apply? If you need a financial boost to achieve your academic goals, apply today. Many awards are based on financial need and other career goals. We know life gets in the way and our donors are here to help. The WITC Foundation presents more than $200,000 to nearly 500 students each year. 

WITC Scholarships - Scholarship applications will open on February 22, 2021 and close on April 5, 2021.

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External Scholarships

There are also numerous external scholarships available with varying deadlines. Please check back often as new opportunities are continually being added. 


  • Guidelines & Eligibility

    • The WITC Foundation provides two scholarship sessions each year.
      • FALL: Applications available fourth Monday of September · Deadline: first Monday of November
      • SPRING: Applications available third Monday of February · Deadline: first Monday of April
      • There are no exceptions to these deadlines. Students are responsible for ensuring applications are complete and submitted by the posted deadline.
    • Eligibility Requirements:
      • To access the scholarship system, students MUST be enrolled and have a WITC Student ID.
      • Eligibility is based on specific scholarship criteria and may be based on campus designation. [Scholarships are valid only for the designated award year and are not transferable to other campuses.]
      • Scholarship recipients (including Liberal Arts students) must be enrolled in a minimum of six credits in an Associate Degree or Technical Diploma program in the semester the scholarship will be applied to their account in order to receive the award.
      • Must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards (SAPS), which require students to maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA and a 67% cumulative completion ratio. Falling below either or both of these requirements in two successive terms will make a student ineligible to receive a Foundation scholarship.
      • Students must reapply each scholarship review period for consideration.
      • Start College Now students are eligible if they meet all requirements listed above.
      • Online program students must designate a campus to be matched with scholarship opportunities. 
    • Scholarship awards are applied to a student’s WITC account as follows:
      • April application deadline – applied to following fall tuition
      • November deadline – applied to following spring tuition
      • Recipients who fail to attend classes or drop out of WITC are required to reimburse the WITC Foundation in full for all scholarship funds disbursed. 

Need help with the scholarship application process? 

Video: How to Apply for WITC Scholarships

Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to all scholarship recipients from Fall 2020! Scholarships will be applied toward tuition for Spring 2021!

  • Ashland
    • Student Scholarship
      Kyle Ayvazzadeh James Quinn Memorial Scholarship (ASH)
      Alannah Belanger WITC-Ashland Staff Scholarship
      Ashley Budreau Sccord Scholarship (ASH)
      Dawson Cabe Ashland Regional Community Scholarship
      Angela Gervais Ashland Health and Rehab Center Scholarship
      Shauneah Gordon AWARDS Scholarship
      Katherine Hansen Davis Knutson Business Scholarship
      Kari Houle Robert Scoville Scholarship - OTA
      Kari Houle WITC-Ashland Harvest to Holiday Craft Fair Scholarship
      Jennifer Jensen Robert Scoville Scholarship - Financial Services
      Jennifer Jensen Ashland Lions Foundation Scholarship
      Barbara Koch
      Lyndsay Laakonen
      WITC-Ashland Staff Scholarship
      WITC-Ashland Alumni Association Scholarship
      Dusty LaFernier Don Marcouiller Scholarship
      Dusty LaFernier Jerry Nuutinen Memorial Scholarship
      Karyn Leino Francis & Barbara Stauner Scholarship-ASH
      Kenneth Lira WITC Administrative Office Opportunity Builders Scholarship
      Tyler Morgan WITC-Ashland Staff Scholarship
      Debra Oconnor Ashland Love Lights Scholarship
      Mandy Ruberg
      Heather Spear
      Francis & Barbara Stauner Scholarship-ASH
      WITC-Ashland Alumni Association Scholarship
      William Thompson Francis & Barbara Stauner Scholarship-ASH
      Kaylee White WITC-Ashland Retired Staff Scholarship
      Brittny White WITC-Ashland Staff Scholarship
      Tiffany Ziebarth Paul Schoch Memorial Scholarship
  • New Richmond
    • Student Scholarship
      Jasper Amans Woodcraft Industries Scholarship
      Garret Andersen WITC-New Richmond Staff Scholarship
      Lori Anderson Virginia Adler Memorial Scholarship
      Levi Berg Robert Knowles Scholarship
      Amber Berkland Robert Knowles Scholarship
      Abigail Braaten Robert Knowles Scholarship
      Emalea Briggs Richard & Marilyn Vale Early Childhood Education Scholarship
      Jennifer Connor New Richmond Community Child Care Scholarship
      Kayla Cox Sue Petryk Administrative Professional Scholarship
      Danielle Dickson Marilyn McCarty Nursing Scholarship
      Kelly Dimler Sherry Lynch Memorial Scholarship
      Anthony Doucette WITC Administrative Office Opportunity Builders Scholarship
      Brianna Erickson Woodcraft Industries Scholarship
      Rilee Germain WITC-New Richmond Staff Scholarship
      Caleb Heffner Bosch Packaging Technology Scholarship
      Stacy Hill WITC-New Richmond Alumni Association Scholarship
      Lindsey Hohler Robert Knowles Scholarship
      Ethan Kahler WITC-New Richmond Staff Scholarship
      Stepahnie Klint Francis & Barbara Stauner Scholarship
      Stacy Kohler Marvin and Bertha Getschel Scholarship
      Brice Korf Lester B. Schreiner Veterans Scholarship
      Dillon Lund American Welding Society Scholarship (NR)
      Brittany Maier Robert Knowles Scholarship
      Tanner Nyhus Robert Scoville Scholarship - Automated Packaging 
      Lacee Nyhus Kathy Carlson CNA Scholarship
      Ashley Otto Larry Gee Student Scholarship
      Ashley Otto Debbie Bugni Memorial Scholarship
      Brittany Parker Robert Scoville Scholarship - Medical Administrative Professional
      Martina Parker Woodcraft Industries Scholarship
      Kristine Penard Andrew Mortel Family Scholarship
      Allison Retzloff WITC-New Richmond Staff Scholarship
      chloe rogney Robert Knowles Scholarship
      Nakeyia Ruoho Nursing Scholarship (NR)
      Colby Ryan Marilyn McCarty Nursing Scholarship
      Tyler Salmon Woodcraft Industries Scholarship
      Miquetan Simmons WITC-New Richmond Retiree Scholarship
      Jessica Simon Going for the Green Scholarship
      Meilani Smith Going for the Green Scholarship
      Alexis vonDoehren Robert Knowles Scholarship
      Brionna Weintzweig Judy Rogers Whiteman Memorial Scholarship
      August Wentz John & Jacque Johnston Scholarship
      Tammy Williams-Starzinski Going for the Green Scholarship
      Zachary Wolf Ed Fiedler Memorial Scholarship
      Sydney Yang Robert Knowles Scholarship
      Holly Yannarelly Woodcraft Industries Scholarship
  • Rice Lake
    • Student  Scholarship
      Ashton Ader WITC-Rice Lake Nursing Club Scholarship
      Hannah Applebee Robert Scoville Scholarship - Machine Tool
      Hannah Applebee Parker Hannifin Scholarship
      Hannah Applebee WITC-Rice Lake Machine Tool Operation-CNC Scholarship
      Emely Avila WITC-Rice Lake Dental Assistant Scholarship
      Kathleen Bechtel Robert Scoville Scholarship - Medical Assistant
      Kaylee Bugbee Doris K. Eberhardy RN Memorial Scholarship
      Grace Christianson Barron County Sunrise Rotary Scholarship
      Grace Christianson WITC Board Leadership Scholarship
      Angela Clark WITC Criminal Justice Club Scholarship
      Alexander Cleaver Thomas Precision Manufacturing Advancement Scholarship
      Kristopher Dahlberg WITC-Rice Lake Campus Scholarship
      Chase Eastman Parker Hannifin Scholarship
      Emma Erickson WITC-Rice Lake Staff Scholarship
      Shay Freeman WITC-Rice Lake Campus Scholarship
      Doreen Frisinger WITC-Rice Lake Cosmetology Scholarship
      Laura Grant WITC-Rice Lake Staff Scholarship
      Sueann Hansen James Quinn Memorial Scholarship (RL)
      Luke Hessler Robert Scoville Scholarship - Welding
      Luke Hessler American Welding Society Scholarship (RL)
      Victoria Hill Heart of the North Builders Association Scholarship
      Brock Hladilek William Charles Jones Scholarship
      Hailey Hofstede Arrowhead Family Dental Scholarship
      Lyzbeth Houser Woita and Associates Financial Services Scholarship
      Valerie Hyland Robert Scoville Scholarship - Paramedic Technician
      Jaynee Innerebner Michael P. Connolly Memorial Scholarship
      Kimberly Kalmon WITC-Rice Lake Campus Scholarship
      Joseph Kesan Thomas Precision Manufacturing Advancement Scholarship
      Dennis King Dairy Herd Scholarship in Memory of Johnsons and Roberts
      Zackery Ladwig Paul Sturino Memorial Scholarship
      Robert MacAlister Health Careers Scholarship
      Riel Magnan Northwest Building Inspectors Association Scholarship
      Wyatt Matuszak Robert Scoville Scholarship - Construction
      Lesa Melton WITC-Rice Lake Campus Scholarship
      Codi Nowlin Ag Risk Managers Scholarship
      Maxwell Okamoto WITC Administrative Office Opportunity Builders Scholarship
      Sarah Olson Paul Sturino Veterans Scholarship
      Luann Olson Christine & James Saxild Memorial Scholarship
      Hannah Orf WITC-Rice Lake Campus Scholarship
      Blake Paul Howard & Dode Miller Scholarship
      Jared Phillips WITC-Rice Lake Welding Scholarship
      Marissa Richards TLC-Tuition for Learners with Children Scholarship
      Adam Robotka Robert Scoville Scholarship - Criminal Justice
      Tonya Roelse Marshfield Clinic Health System Healthcare Scholarship
      Brooke Shatley Robert Scoville Scholarship - Nursing
      Brooke Shatley EJW Rice Lake Scholarship
      Brooke Stephens Arrowhead Family Dental Scholarship
      Kortney Strunk WITC-Rice Lake Campus Scholarship
      Kaitlyn Theilig Rice Lake Families and Staff Scholarship
      Kaitlyn Theilig WITC-Rice Lake Campus Scholarship
      Michelle Traynor Mary Leaf Memorial Scholarship
      Andrew Tyler WITC-Rice Lake Alumni Association Scholarship
      Emily Wahl Nursing Scholarship (RL)
      Amanda Warner WITC-Rice Lake Staff Scholarship
      Keiana Weyers Marsh Insurance Scholarship
      Samantha Wigchers Cumberland Federal Bank Scholarship
      Sarah Wohlk Mary W. Johnson Family Scholarship
      Trey Zwiefelhofer NAHB Club Scholarship
  • Superior
    • Student Scholarship
      Tabetha Almond-Brown Rudolph & Clarice Erkkila Memorial Scholarship
      Danielle Ashley William H. & Olga M. Munnings Scholarship
      Carisa Axelson Medical Careers Scholarship
      Raymond Banks Northern Engineering Machine Tool Scholarship
      Mirlande Brande Sam, Harriet, & Kaye Lavine Scholarship
      Vivian Brazinskas Medical Careers Scholarship
      Ethan Brown Northern Engineering Machine Tool Scholarship
      Jessica Brown Rudolph & Clarice Erkkila Memorial Scholarship
      Austin Burritt WITC-Superior Trades Scholarship
      Cassidy Chaffey Medical Careers Scholarship
      Jocelyn Clancy Rudolph & Clarice Erkkila Memorial Scholarship
      Connor Cook William R. Goligoski Computer Information Scholarship
      Andrew Desmond Fraser Shipyards Welding Scholarship
      Johnna Duffy Nursing Scholarship (SUP)
      Jaeden Eliason William R. Goligoski Computer Information Scholarship
      Ryan Gidlund Roberto Pearson Memorial Scholarship
      Savannah Goebel WITC-Superior Campus Scholarship
      Janelle Gordon WITC-Superior Campus Scholarship
      Thomas Gouge Northern Engineering Industrial Maintenance Scholarship
      Thomas Gouge Louie Johnson Memorial Scholarship
      Courtney Graeven WITC-Superior Nursing Club Scholarship
      Christopher Hall John Edward Torgerson Memorial Scholarship
      Jamie Harthan Rudolph & Clarice Erkkila Memorial Scholarship
      Jessica Hawkins John & Gladys Doris Memorial Scholarship
      Shelby Holley WITC-Superior Campus Scholarship
      Alyssa Humphrey William R. Goligoski Computer Information Scholarship
      Calum Inforzato Moline Machinery for Welding & Machinists Scholarship
      Jamie Javenkoski Frank E and Frank D Neuman Memorial Automotive Scholarship
      Jake Kallberg Gina Leigh Utyro Memorial Scholarship
      Ty Kasper Moline Machinery for Welding & Machinists Scholarship
      Thomas Knops Twin Ports Chapter Construction Specifications Institute Scholarship - Industrial Maintenance
      Gavin Kuusisto Twin Ports Chapter Construction Specifications Institute Scholarship - HVAC
      Julian Lawler Frank E and Frank D Neuman Memorial Automotive Scholarship
      Wing Lee Carl Gullo Scholarship
      Wing Lee Human Services Associate Scholarship
      Adam Mattson Fraser Shipyards Welding Scholarship
      Adam Mattson Roberto Pearson Memorial Scholarship
      Max McKenzie Bunni Haslerud & Jessica B. Nelson Memorial Scholarship
      Manuela Meyer Medical Careers Scholarship
      Dawn Olsen WITC Administrative Office Opportunity Builders Scholarship
      Bradlee Pearson Frank & Lisa Vidas HVAC/R Scholarship
      Aurelia Persons Rudolph & Clarice Erkkila Memorial Scholarship
      Breanna Prather Superior Jaycees Scholarship
      Mariah Rabideaux Maureen Jappe Litman Memorial Scholarship
      William Rahne Dan Maynard Memorial Welding Scholarship
      Logan Rosholt David Nevin General Welding Scholarship
      Logan Rosholt Dan Maynard Memorial Welding Scholarship
      Alyssa Sather Nancy J. Seidlitz Elks Memorial Scholarship
      Elisabeth Schmitz-Miller WITC-Superior Campus Scholarship
      Cami Sletta Lake Assault Boats Welding Scholarship
      Cami Sletta Dan Maynard Memorial Welding Scholarship
      Brielle Staricha WITC-Superior Campus Scholarship
      Zoey Stauty WITC-Superior Campus Scholarship
      Jennifer Stolzman Wisconsin Hospital Association
      Timo Sznaider Frank E and Frank D Neuman Memorial Automotive Scholarship
      Sara Thompson WITC-Superior Campus Scholarship
      Repeka-Lynn Tuinei-Williams Carl Gullo Scholarship
      Hayley Waltz Medical Careers Scholarship
      Meghan Wickstrom WITC-Superior Campus Scholarship
      Lisa Widmer Wisconsin Hospital Association
      Kaylee Yliniemi Carl Gullo Scholarship
      Nicole Zeman Magnifisites Scholarship
      Katie Zifko Medical Careers Scholarship
      Jennifer Stolzman Wisconsin Hospital Association
      Lisa Widmer Wisconsin Hospital Association

WITC Promise

College Tuition Assistance for Area High School Graduates

The WITC Promise Scholarship, funded by the WITC Foundation, provides free college tuition for area high school graduates who meet program eligibility requirements. The WITC Promise Scholarship will pay the balance of tuition and fees for eligible students after federal and state grants are applied. Tuition will be covered up to four terms (pending eligibility requirements each term).

View eligibility guidelines and apply here

Scholarship Questions? 

Please contact Angela Scott, Annual Giving Specialist.

Email | Call Angela


Are you ready to experience success? WITC staff are standing by to support you in reaching your educational and career goals, so do it. Take the leap.