Foster’s Outrider’s Fund, sponsored by philanthropist Foster Friess and administered by the WITC Foundation, is intended for students enrolled in any certificate, technical diploma or associate’s degree program at Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College who have demonstrated high values and integrity through prior military service, community involvement, volunteerism, or other leadership activities. The maximum award for the Foster’s Outriders scholarship is the lesser of $1,500 or tuition and material fees.

Apply for the Foster’s Outriders Fund

To apply for these funds, fill out the simple application below and click "send message" to submit the form, and then complete any remaining steps listed above. 

United States citizen or permanent resident
Eligible for CARES Act financial support OR needs-based federal or state financial aid grants
Review each criteria below and check all that apply. (Not all criteria are required for eligibility.)
Certify Information
Permission to release mailing address

Applications must be submitted on or before Sep. 25, 2020. Preference given to students enrolled in programs related to public service such as EMT and law enforcement. Other programs not excluded. Results and additional details will be sent to your WITC email address.


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