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Updated 6/11/20, 11:45 a.m.

WITC Fall 2020 Classes

Covering 11 counties across rural, northwestern Wisconsin, we’ve successfully been teaching virtually and providing hands-on learning for decades. During the 2020-2021 academic year, WITC will continue to offer classes that include hands-on and in-person learning.


What will the fall term look like at WITC?

WITC is definitely planning on offering in-person classes. For some classes, there will be modifications to labs to ensure safe environments that adhere to social distancing guidelines. Other classes will be offered remotely – either online or through web conferencing.

  • Hands-on and lab-based program classes will meet on campus for the hands-on portion of the course. This means you will continue to get experience and real world equipment, tools, and machines.
  • General Education courses will be offered in “synchronous virtual” or online delivery methods. Synchronous virtual means that the classes will meet at regularly scheduled times through web conferencing and be very similar to being in a classroom. Online courses do not have specific meeting times.
  • Academic support is still available! Students will not only have access to their instructors through web conferencing, but they will also be able to connect with academic coaches, support services, and advisors through email, phone and virtually. The one-on-one meetings are an awesome way for you to get the help you need and stay focused on your learning.

If you’re looking for a more typical classroom experience, look for the “computer conferencing” or “blended” delivery modes when registering. If you’d like more flexibility with your schedule, online learning might be a better fit.


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Fall Semester FAQ

  • Will WITC be offering in-person courses on campus or will everything be online?
    • We are definitely planning on offering in-person courses. For some classes there will be some slight modifications to labs to ensure social distancing and class sizes may be reduced.  Many of the programs at WITC require hands on training and we are committed to providing all of our essential degrees and diplomas while we of course follow all of the health department and CDC guidelines that are in place at the time.
  • What happens if there are further restrictions in the fall?
    • We will adjust schedules and delivery options as necessary and will balance the need to follow all health department and CDC guidelines with the need to provide the most optimal learning environment possible.
  • Will there be a face-to-face option for general studies courses?
    • General studies courses will be offered in a “synchronous, virtual” delivery method. This means that the classes will meet at regularly scheduled times and will be very similar to being in a classroom. Student will be able to ask questions directly to their instructor and interact with other students during class.
  • Will the campus be available for student services, academic support, and the use of computer labs?
    • Essential campus facilities and services will be available, however, the extent of those services and the details of how and when they will be accessible is yet to be determined. Final decisions regarding accessibility of the various areas of campus will be made closer to the start of the fall term. We are committed to ensuring all services that are needed for students to succeed are available and we will strive to ensure they are all available virtually and also available face-to-face whenever possible.
  • Will everyone be required to wear a mask?
    • Specific requirements will be dependent on the CDC and local health department guidelines that are in place at the start of the term. Since guidelines have changed and continue to evolve, we won’t know exactly what the safety protocol will be until closer to the start of the term. All safety requirements that will be in place for students while on campus will be communicated to students prior to the start of the term.
  • Should I wait to apply or register for classes until closer to the start of the term?
    • Since we will have reduced capacities in some of our programs we highly suggest you go through the admissions process and register for classes as soon as possible. In the unlikely event that there are significant changes to safety requirements in our community that require modifications, you can rest assured that you will not owe tuition or fees if courses are dropped prior to the start of the term.
  • What if the program I want is already full?
    • You have a number of options that could still allow you to attend WITC this fall. You can go on a waitlist and will be contacted when an opening occurs. It is possible that we may be able to expand capacity for some of the programs and courses prior to the start of the fall term. Additionally, you may want to meet with a counselor to discuss other, similar programs that still have openings.
  • What if I want to take classes, but I’m concerned about taking face-to-face courses and don’t want to come to campus?
    • WITC does offer many programs and courses that can be completed in a virtual environment. In addition, you will be able to complete the admissions process and have access to all services virtually if that is your preference.

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